Getting started:

This guide is to help you get started with the Quicktvpro app, taking you through the first steps - from hooking up a video host, uploading media assets and starting your first interactive project. Please check the links for more detailed tutorials and walkthroughs on how to set up specific tools.

Signing in:

To sign in to the Quicktvpro app, navigate to the following URL in your browser:

You should see the following login form, enter the details you should have received after completing the free trial sign up - if you didn't receive any details, please: navigate to the free trial sign up.

Adding a video:

3/ Below is what you should see as the editor, just cut and paste text, delete etc. as you would in Word > just click OK when happy, this does not yet update the site, and I have the original backed up so do not worry about messing up etc.

4/ Finally, when you are ready to update the site live >>> click on the 'Publish icon' which is found in the 'save' drop-down section, you can then check your changes on the live site...